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About Us

Our goal is to bring your vision to life. Through our friendly, knowledgeable and professional expertise we will guide you through a process that will be both educating and enjoyable. At Dragonfly Domestic Solutions we will combine your raw idea's with Dragonfly's innovative techniques to build a product of timeless beauty. 

Our Team

Here at Dragonfly Domestic Services we operate as a team of two.

Tony St. Louis (right) has been in the woodworking industry for  27 years and has earned the trust and respect of both his customers and suppliers. A highly motivated individual, his talent and love of design and technique will ensure a product that you will enjoy for years to come.  His son, Anthony St. Louis (left), works alongside him.

Together, Tony and Anthony take care of everything from the initial consultation to the installation.


We meet to go over your needs and identify exactly how we can help you.


Our goal is to bring your vision to life. After having learned exactly what you're looking for in your home, we work to create a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional. We have strong rendering capabilities to be able to provide you with a realistic idea of what your cabinet design will look like.


Once we've agreed on a design, we begin the process of building and installing the cabinets into your home.

We strive to keep business opportunities in our area strong.  We use locally based  products and a client base all over Essex county.  Through necessity Dragonfly Domestic Solutions came to life. Through hard work and dedication Dragonfly Domestic Solutions continues to thrive, bringing with it other local companies.  

​The success of Dragonfly Domestic Solutions demonstrates that Tony as well as his team work very hard to produce a product that is of the highest detail and quality at a price everyone can afford.  

Let's Talk About Your Project

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